If you have ever used for any of their services then you have officially been scammed! I’m talking about bamboozled, I mean screwed, played or whatever you want to call it. is known for promoting underground artist and putting them in the “limelight.” I can’t even lie. I was once a fan of this site and I even wanted my videos to go in this website, so I can get some online publicity? Now it’s just useless to me. It’s hard to believe, huh?

When I first came across a review saying something about being a scam, I definitely had to read up on that review. Just like most people, I didn’t believe it.  The views are fake, the site has barely anything to do with hip hop, and the owner might be a informant for the government. I think before anyone decides to pay hundreds of dollars for any type of promotion they should read up and research that company no matter what. is making a killing off of these rappers that are trying to make it big. Little do these artists know that they are being scammed. Watch this YouTube video about WorldStarHipHop’s scam!

WorldstarHipHop Exposed Pt.1

Now, I can just imagine that WSHH has an army of people just working for them holding down that apple key and the letter R just making the numbers go crazy. What a scam! If you think about it, only charges the underground artists to put their videos up on their website. Only artists that already have a buzz don’t need WorldStarHipHop and definitely don’t need help getting views. So they target the desperate ones, they scam them and charge them hundreds and thousands of dollars a day for a “dream”. Look at part 2 of the last video. Oh yea, it gets even better.

WorldstarHipHop Exposed Pt.2

He’s putting y’all on notice, and I’m putting y’all on notice. Heed the warning, lol. Don’t spend your money with these people. There are better sites out there for damn sure! If you’re not yet convinced, I got one more testimonial for y’all right here.


If that ain’t enough, then by all means let them sell you that “dream”. The site is a scam and you the underground artist is who they are targeting. They want your money, they don’t care about your music. This entire site is filled with other crap and barely any hip hop at all. Use a different site, and that’s all I really have to say. If you are an artist or you just want to market your video, I would personally recommend is a viral marketing, iTunes advertising, video seeding company that has an impeccable business reputation.  They work with some of the largest record labels and movie studios in the United States such as Def Jam, Universal Canada, Interscope Records, and Paramount Pictures.  They have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and have won Best of Tampa Bay Marketing for 2011 & 2012. owns close to 1,000 website valued at $2.5 million dollars.  Some of their top websites average 9 million visitors per year, 3.7 million page views per month, and an Alexa rank of 45,300.  A website like this generates $371 a day in advertising revenue.  This is why has been the one of the most sought after marketing companies in the music and film industries. marketing is insane. They can create this “U Mobile Card”, that has all of your info plus your YouTube video embedded on it. is the only marketing company that uses text messaging on their Mobile Program to get your video direct to their 5,000+ people in their viral community.  Remember this if anything, is the ONLY company with whom you will spend marketing dollars with that will give you a money back guarantee if they DON’T increase your iTunes sales!

Invest your money into something real. Do your research before you start spending your money on what “looks” good. Knowledge is power people.

 Visit for iTunes Marketing

 Visit for iTunes Marketing